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ThanKX to.....

I've been schizofrenic for a long, long time.....

But...... :

I am recovering by prayin'/Faith in God, time, love of my parents, big brother and his man, my nieces, friends, My dogs, my radio with my fave DJs, Ruud Gullit, my humour, my will, my believe in God and I am mainly healed by Anita Meyer Music, Ozzy Music,Peter Koelewijn Music, John and Julian Lennon music, U2 Music, Paul McCartney Music, Maggie Reilly Music,SCORPIONS Music, Prince Music, INXS Music, Tom Petty Music, Jan Rot Music, Boudewijn Buch, Louise L. Haye, Shakti Gaiwan, Eckhart Tolle, Isa Hoes and Paulien Cornelisse books. These things I summed up where my lights in my darkness and gave me the power, strength, courage and the hope to go on. Thank you all for this! When I was depressed I also played often: "Nobody loves you when you' re down and out" of John Lennon.
A song of John (Cover)? that also give/gave me hope is :
'To know you is the love you'.

Thank you all people for your love and understanding!
This were my thank words.

Kort intro:

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Ik hield van al mijn fanmail kopieen achter. Tenminste van de gedichten en songteksten eruit. Dan ging ik eerst omstreeks 1986 mijn teksten kopieeren bij Total, een benzinepomp op de Ridderhof in Alphen aan den Ryn.
In de jaren ervoor schreef ik alles nog met de hand en voor mezelf schreef ik het dan over voor mezelf.
Het werk dat ik daarna maakte kon ik saven in de computer van mijn vader. die kon toen een computer via zijn werk aanschaffen van die ondingen die toen modern waren en 2000 gulden kostten (!)
In die tijd deed ik een w.p. 4.2. cursus. Ik heb dat certificaat nog.
Toen ik later van 1991 tot en met samen met Dutch op de Herenhof woonde zat ik 's nachts (!) te ratelen op mijn typemachine!
Later op de Herenhof had ik een eigen computer waar ik met w.p. 5.1. op werkte.
Wat ik nu maak, sla ik op de computer hier op en ik ben een heel weekend bezig geweest om alles bij elkaar te zetten in dit blog.
Uiteindelijk ben ik niet tevreden in de titel in de browser van dit blog, dus die heb ik veranderd in : "Fanmail for Jules" maar dat krijg je dan niet meer veranderd in het browseradres en uiteindelijk dekt deze nieuwe ook niet de lading van het blog.
Het is fanmail naar verschillende mensen keurig geordend in 1 site (!) geworden.
Zo blijf je bezig!
Ik ben er best wel heel lang mee bezig geweest want ik heb heel veel materiaal in mijn computer staan daarvan dan.
Als je nou een keertje niks te doen hebt.....


The English words:
Translated by Google:

I loved all my fan mail copies. At least from the poems and lyrics out.
Then I started copying my texts around 1986 at Total, a gas station on the Ridderhof in Alphen aan den Ryn.
In the years before I still wrote everything by hand and then I copied it for myself.
I was able to save the work I made afterwards in my father's computer. He was then able to purchase a computer through his work from those things that were then modern and cost 2000 guilders (!)
At that time I did a w.p. 4.2. class. I still have that certificate.
When I later lived in the Herenhof from 1991 up to and including Dutch, I was rattling at night on my typewriter!
Later at the Herenhof I had my own computer where I could use w.p. 5.1. worked on.
What I am making now I save on the computer here and I spent a whole weekend putting everything together in this blog.
In the end I am not satisfied with the title in the browser of this blog, so I changed it to "Fanmail for Jules" but you will not get that changed in the browser address anymore and in the end this new one does not cover the load of the blog .
It has become fan mail to different people neatly arranged in 1 site. (!)
That's how you stay busy!
I was quite busy with it for a long time because I have a lot of material in my computer then.

If you have nothing to do for once .....


End of translated Intro by Google.

Things I wrote to Jules:

Now a question for Jules:

I have seen you once in a fuji commercial during my schizofrenic illnes. Can I see that one again?

And now.....:

John Lennon zingt: Boom boom boom boom vd Vengaboys:

Julian Lennon sings: "Imagine": Stop Putinism!

3 Versions of one song:

Pina 'performs' Ben E. King's best song in the style of John Lennon:

(Pina Jones for Julian Lennon).
Julian Lennon performs Ben E. King's best songs perfect!:

(Julian for fans. You can also say: Jules for the whole world. That's the same).

Anita Meyer (My fave female singer) performs Ben E. King's best song nice!


(Anita Meyer for her fans).

Rob Stenders nd Pina Jones doing my bestie:

Right now my collected fanmail for Jules from several years.
(I made copies of my fanmail so when my fanmail not arrived at Jules I hoped I ever could send it again. And that's now)!

For other collected 'fanmail'/Answeringmail:

Rob Stenders 'fanmail'/answeringmail: "Klik daarvoor hier"

My dogs 1:

HET enige echte Pina Jones kanaal van 2022:

En dit zijn de 6 andere kanalen:




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Enneh........People?....... Nice/Interesting too:








My adventures with Boudewijn Buch: "Klik daarvoor hier"

And :

Fanmail voor Rob Stenders in de vorm van jingles:

Fanmail voor Jeroen van Inkel in de vorm van jingles:

Brief van Jan Rot:

Bastiaan Meijer:

Coen en Sander Zooi:

Pien bij Gerard Ekdom:

Pien bij Extra Weekend:

Also ThanKX to God!:

Voordracht kortsluiting:

De fatale single:

Beautiful Yesterday Cover 1:

Beautiful Yesterday Cover 2:

Zeer vrije vertaling van Yesterday:

Zeer vrije vertaling van Yesterday 2:

Nog een vrije vertaling van yesterday (Hakkuuuh)!:


And then some related stuff:

Mijn Spotify.

Jules Playlist.

Newspaper Articles Pina Jones.

At first a song of which I send the lyrics to Jules meant as fanmail in 1988.

The song I made for Jules myself with melody acappella:

And finally all the rest of the fanmail I send to Jules:

Old Questions and Old Poems for Jules:

1. If you could make a wish, what would it be? 2. Do you go by a nickname, if yes which one and why? 3. Say a sweet phrase to me. 4. Think out a rhyme of two phrases. 5. Do you smoke and want a lighter from me? 6. What's your latest dream? About what or....about who? 7. What's your fave colour? 8. Do you ever dream without sleeping? If yes, when do you do that? At work, or just at home when you're boring?
9. How about school? 10. Stand up, close your eyes and walk 3 steps forwards. what you'd bump onto? 11. What you do when you see someone falling in front of you? 12. With whom you'd like to exchange for a day and why? 13.Who you'd like to meet and why? 14.What you think of swearing? 15.which happening you'd like to go through once again? 16. What should you never do? 17. What you think is the best song ever? 18. How should you go clothed with carnival? 19. Which job you wanted as a child? 20. Which toy you ever played with as a child? 21. With whom you'd like to be on a desert Island and why? 22. If you wrote a book , what would it be about? 23. In which country you'd like to live and why? 24.What you'd like to know of me? 25.What you'd think of all my questions? 26. If you had to make a spot on T.V . for money, what for (which article) should you do it and how? 27. Do you go by a nickname, if yes, which one and why? (do you agree with the name)? 28.What smells good? (Moschino, mmm). 29. You know a short joke? 30. Think out a rhyme of 2 phrases. 31.What's your own definition of love? Come on be original and say it in nice words like the poet you are... 32.What's beautiful according to you? 33.What's your motto? 34.I ever heard of the famous pot with gold, but I never could find it, so; Where's the pot with gold? 35.If you could buy luck, what would be the name of the shop? Be original! 36.If you could buy luck, what you'd have to pay with? 37.Fill out: life is hard, but...... 38.What should you call a puppy dog if it was a boy and what if it was a girl? 39. If you could ask one question to God what would it be? 40. Fill out: You Won't need The Sun To Shine, but....

(I, myself, always say: You won't need the sun to shine whenit's there inside of you....)
Susan Mackenthun, a penpal of mine which I knew via Jules Rules, said :
"Yes You won't need the sun to shine but it's easier when you know it's there".

The Poems!:

Do What You Do.

Click here for the short version:

Do what you do:


Do what you do
if you like the style
I can't show you a better one
Do what you do
if you like the style
and you'll be a great big one

Couplet 1:

Better do what you
yes, if you like the style-
can't tell you better ones
no better ones, no better ones
-and you have your homework done

Herhaal refrein:

Do what you do
if you like the style
I can't show you a better one
Do what you do
if you like the style
and you'll be a great big one!

Couplet 2:

Better do what you do
Your own way is the best-
can't tell you better ways
no better ways, no better ways
-Then I'll take care of the rest

Herhaal refrein:

Do what you do
if you like the style
I can't show you a better one
Do what you do
if you like the style
and you'll be a great big one!

Couplet 3:

Better do what you do
If you want a happy life
can't tell you other things
no other things, no other things
-Yeah, yeah, One two three four five

Couplet 4:

Better do what you do
You know that you can-
can't tell you else but truth
no else but truth, no else but truth
-It's all you need (so) come on then

Herhaal refrein, dan bridge, dan weer refrein
Eerst bridge, dan 1 keer refrein
тf alleen bridge

Do what you do
if you like the style
I can't show you a better one
Do what you do
if you like the style
and you'll be a great big one!

Couplet 5:

Better do what you do
That what you do is good-
can't tell you fairytales
no fairytales, no fairytales
-like the way you understood

Herhaal refrein:

Do what you do
if you like the style
I can't show you a better one
Do what you do
if you like the style
and you'll be a great big one!

Uit 1990:

A song of love
I sing for you
a song of love for you
perhaps I sing a star from above
but it's what I must do

'cause you are
the only one
the only one for me
'cause you are
the only one
the only one for me

A love letter
I write to you
A love letter to you
perhaps I wrote all my pens empty
before I had written it

'cause you are.....

Now you are my friend
and a good one
You're a good friend now
perhaps you are in love with me too
Yes, I hope you are too

'cause you are.......


1. Two different Worlds.

Two different worlds
and so many spaces
too many different words
and in talking no aces
and you will receive this answer listening
but even in the time that you don't listen in
even when I tell you a thousand lies
I will never see that shadow in your eyes
I think that the contact of us be only lies
when we're telling them with our eyes
and even if I should tell you lies
you will never hurt the flies
'cause you are as good
as everybody should

At the Picture-Painting.

Stay never to you forever
by nobody touched for never
to be always on your side
And feel myself growing when I do my ride
on every horse I like
giving it a name
for giving it it's fame
No, It's the picture painting

Write On.

You can just tell me why
I'm like a bird in the sky
when it's not in a fly
The question is can I fly as high?
So the anwer to you is the answer to me
write on to eddy, Well I know it's he
And I give you the knowledge
that there is a way for an egg
What ever you want , I will give it to you
What ever you want that I have to do
'cause I'm in love with you and I hope you with me too.

Part of Write On.

Can't see you
Coming together,
can't see you
as a black and white feather
I love you
In every way I do
love is good
just like some food
well, you'll like it as well
drinking your chocomell
just tell me what you want to say
and I make you a day
I will bring you happiness
Here is the stay

Can't Help Myself.

Can't help myself
in a way
can't help myself
can't help ourselves
in a way
Can't help ourselves
so asking you a question
say:"I help you please"
'cause we can help you too
the world in a together living
with all of us
who wants who
we will do


Never get away
hold me near to you
You know the way
we have to do
so tell me a day
on which we both will merry
'cause only one of us gives sherry
or another effect
so give me some tact


I want you need all you have
The only thing is missing you in a while
That's shit except being apart in every house you have
and waiting for you for a half past mile
waiting for you for so long
That's your life, where I will belong
Never more be alone
have I been of the gone
of my first darling
he helped me on the other
and it was my mother
she was eighty years old
and she had never been too cold


I was very hard busy doing my duty
The morning paper was too late
so I'm in time
but it was no matter of time
or how you get up
it's the way you feel your body
lying down in bed
it's not the real fun you have
at the work. Why you have to get up
it's the time that you missed
that's the thing of the whole life
so may we call this time
time, time it's realy a crime:
that's why it's time
So asking you a question
Please say: I help you here.

End of poems 1986.

Refr.: I'm lying in my bed
My eyes are wet
I'm only thinking of you
'cause it's all that I can do

Empty is my heart
Yes, life is very hard
but I'll know that I can
'cause now I'm the artist and you're the fan

-I love you-that's my mess
Here you got my adress
For this is just 'love' the word
I hope you will go accord

I just love your hair
and I meet you everywhere
everywhere in my dream
You're not my coffee, you're the cream

I hope you will agree
The perfect love are you and me
You ask me; "What's the matter?"
Just wanna be together

I do love you a lot
make me feel hot
What's a better thing as love
I'm trying but I can't think of

I think with writing I can't stop
although you will stay asking me:
What's up?'
and if you think I really can't
then here's for you a surprising end.


You wanna know
what I think, boy?
Then I tell you so
that you can give me joy

Yes, you were some arrogance, last time
but, that isn't just not yet a crime
Has anyone ever said that?
Then you can forget what (s)he said

You wannna know what's a crime?
Time boy, time
Time moves too quick, times moves too fast
but arrogance's crime and time's all the best*

but I don't go further writing 'bout this
I'm gonna write 'bout you, you the one I miss
come on lover, where are you hiding now for me?
But better watch out before telling that,
'cause you soon agree;
That there's only one way of all the ways left you can choose:
and that's to choose me before you loose!

Sorry for doing now arrogance too
I only wanna find out my deeper who
If you can understand it all for so far
then I'm the right one to sit next to you in your car

But before I do that
Have you got a driver-license? I don't like to be dead
Yeah, I wanna know that one thing
I like my life in which I can sing

Sing, sing along with Julian Lennon muic
Yeah, that can give me a kick
I remember every tune
which is written by Julian; before in and after June

But I won't give you the numbers of the years
'cause finally
I know Julian cares
'bout me and everything musically

*This is cynical.

This is for a boy who loves the girlfriend of Jules. Just ready for singing for Jules for him!:

Yo Baby Yo

Yo baby yo
can tell you so
yo baby yo

One day I saw her
She made me (feel) hot
I smiled and called her my dear
But did she react? I guess not!

Yo baby yo
need you so
Yo baby yo

The next day I saw her
I asked her to come
to come right to me, overhere
but she didn't notice where my voice came from

Yo baby yo
I call you so
Yo baby yo

Hoeuw yeah
Hoeuw yeah
Hoeuw yeah
Hoeuw yeah*

G G G G G G Get it baby

Bridge(Term voor "Muzikale overbrugging).

Yuh Yuh Yuh....YEAH!
Yuh Yuh Yuh....YEAH!


So my baby just walked on
oh baby, please stop and look backwards
but instead of that she went to the station!
and took a seat in the train, leaving 10.000 broken hearts

I was sad and thought
Oh no, there's nothing else for me to do
on this earth, and while staring after the train my girl caught
I noticed her again, and told her:

Hey just saw your twin-sister;
I liked her a lot but I LOVE you

ah yeah
Ah yeah
Aaaah yeah!

The girl she took me to a place
where nobody was to find and a bed
together we started a satisfaction-race
and now I wish I had earlier may do that!

Ah girl
Ah yeah
Ah girl
Ah yeah

Hoew yeah
Hoew yeah
Hoew yeah
Hoew yeah

The girl she stayed with me
did I say the girl? yes, she really is THE
-don't look at me like that
I can't help I'm the lucky one she met


Uit 1990:

A song of love
I sing for you
a song of love for you
perhaps I sing a star from above
but it's what I must do

'cause you are
the only one
the only one for me
'cause you are
the only one
the only one for me

A love letter
I write to you
A love letter to you
perhaps I wrote all my pens empty
before I had written it

'cause you are.....

Now you are my friend
and a good one
You're a good friend now
perhaps you are in love with me too
Yes, I hope you are too

'cause you are.......


For Jules: 'I Must Confess'.

I must confess,
I'm in love with you.
I must confess,
I'll do anything for you.

I must confess
I never met a boy like you.
I must confess,
you look pretty too.
Boy, you look so very cool;
Oh Lord you make me feel (like) a fool.
No, I never let you go,
Oh no....

Baby forget
all the friends you had.
I want to live with you
baby you want it too?

Never be alone anymore;
Yeah baby, come through my door.
My door is open as you know,
never go, never go.

I need you like humans need to eat;
I need you like a junk needs weed
I need you here, I need you there;
darling, I need you everywhere.

In my house and in my car,
very close and very far.
In the dark and in the light,
peacefully and in a fight.

I'll need you from the top to the toe;
That's one thing I just do know.

I must confess,
with you I feel fine.
I must confess,
I want you to be mine.

Just Like It Used To Be.

I want to live my life
Just like it used to be
But it's not important what I want.
Now I know that for sure
It's your world and I've no place in there.
But I really can't live this way.
Why can't you behave like you did before,
then it will come alright;

Just like it used to be
Just like it used to be

I want you back,
Oh Lord; How I want you back here.
What you're doing out there in that place;
You know this is not right. What you do;

I'm supposed to love you,
You think I've nothing else to do?
This is really not the love that I had planned
'Cause I like to have it

Just like it used to be
Just like it used to be

Don't you need me,
you can tell me.
Don't treat me this way
tell me one day....

I want you back, Oh lord;
How I want you back here...

Note: It's about John Lennon.....

Take Me Up.

Take me up
Take me down
A never felt feeling I get
Take me up
Take me down
A never felt feeling I get
Taking me up
Taking me down
A love is born

Look in my eyes, look for my words
My unspoken words they are there to be found
Read my eyes, read my lips
You will read a message

Yesterday I met you for the first time
and now I see you again
Well I know much of life
But this was something else

You gave me inspiration
you are such a sensation
You are a mystery
A mystery to me

Take me up
Take me down
A never felt feeling I get
Taking me up
Taking me down
A love is born

Taking me up in the way of love
Taking me down in that way
taking me up for the stars above
Taking me down every day.

Note: It's about Julian Lennon....


I hate to see you sad,
coz I hate to see you cry.
So the next time when there flow your tears;
youвЂve got to tell me why.

I love you, not another/Song for Jules/Julian Lennon, 1988.

I love you, not another;
I want you, not your brother
I need you, not your money;
I merry you that's not funny

Just need me like I need you;
Just call me like others do
Just love me, not hate me;
just merry me, let luck be

I love you for your eyes,
to love that's reason enough
I hope you never cry,
I like to see you laugh
Give me the answer to
what you feel for me
Just tell me all your secrets,
how sad they still may be

Needing you, forever more;
wanting you, come through my door
Loving you, it's all the same;
but for me it's not a shame
call me love, ,'cause you are cute;
I'm just sweet so don't be rude
Sing for me 'cause that's fine; Look at me/Ju-li-an, you are mine.


More then less
Lupus is a terrible illness.

'Lucy' is a cd
named after her who's own body (by Lupus) became her worst enemy.

That's why Julian Lennon made this cd.
The money of it goes to the Lupus-charity.

James Scott Cook also is playing at this cd;
Isn't that enough reason to buy it, for you and me?

So plz, support this charity.
I also made this poem in memoriam of Lucy......

May Peace be with you now, Lucy.....

Further with the other poems/lyrics:

Written from a man's view so he could sing this:


Don't be silly
got a girlfriend named Milly
she's up to ten
and she combs her hair then.

Yes there she goes,
she only tells you no's....
No, that's the way, that's her style,
and you think you've enough of that after a while?

Particularly not, yes it's what I say;
You can look at her but it's all you may.
No way to reach her even what kind of way you try,
'cause she doesn't look when you're floating or say hi.

For Jules for a rapsong:

The Rapman.

I'm the rap-man;
Yeah, I'm the rap-man.
And I'm looking for a woman.
I'm the rap-man Yeah, I'm the rap-man.
And I'm looking for a woman.

Women here, women there;
but I can't find a woman anywhere.
Does it depend on me? Does it depend om her?
But; In that case: Who is she?

You know I got a problem;
A real big problem.
I love all women,
but I think it's no sin.

Herhaal refrein.

Tell me, where can I find a wife,
who wants to share with me her life?
Well, let me tell you:
I'm never gonna give up;
In this things I know no stop.

Herhaal refrein.

But now I'm very serious;
Serious and lasviscious
is that the way to find someone?
Well, I soon find out, or I'll soon find out none!

Herhaal refrein.

Nice and Slow

Nice and slow,
will our love grow.
Honey be the lover for me;
If you will; I'll be your honeybee

I will use all my charms,
to get you lying in my arms.
And if you won't,
I'm not certain that I don't!

Young and sweet
and foolish heat:
Baby I like to have fun with you,
I hope you like the fun with me too!

I will use all my charms,
to get you lying in my arms;
And if you won't
I'm not certain that I don't!

I think you
are crazy too;
Hoping we ever get normal
and hoping to meet each other on the ball.

I will use all my charms,
to get you lying in my arms;
And if you won't
I'm not certain that I don't!


Is my heart locked
now I don't care anymore for a new friend?
Or is this just a new start?
The beginning of the end?

The beginning of the end
is just always a new start,
and so it is a friend.
In that case I always will have my friend.
Right from this and every beginning 'till the end.


got a feeling....
a feeling coming over me
got to love... ...
love you.

Love you so much
love you till death.
Longing for your touch
it will be all right.

baby, how do I tell you,
Baby, tell me how....
I tell you that me's loving you
loving you, loving you, loving you.

I see your name witten in the sand.
I am behind, on my finger is sand......

You Can Do It.

How much love I got for you
I can't tell
You know I like your style
I like the way you smell


You can do it
for me
You can do it
for another
but it will always be
us, looking for each other

You got love for me
Yes, I know
Oh no; Me knowing that and you away hurts so!
Repeat the refrain

Why're people proud
too proud to show one feelings
It's important
to have certain things done

repeat the refrain

Be my Valentine.

Be my Valentine
and I feel fine.
Thank you so much
for every warm touch.

You and I.

I will protect you for yourself
I will protect you for yourself
You're jut a danger for yourself
I'm wondering that you're still alive

Fools will say: "She's crazy"
But I know better You're just honest......
I feel you around me
I feel you You surround me

No time to escape
Have to face it this time
Better escape ....
for yourself

So ask me if I want to protect yourself

Because you're worth it ....
you're worth it...

In a Trance.

I'm in a trance
I'm in a trance
can't control
my style of dance.

I'm in a trance
I'm in a trance
Half the way I am,
I take my chance.

I'm in a trance Got nothing to loose
but so much to prove...... So I follow the trance....

You Can Ask Her.

I know what you want to know;
You can ask her
I know what you want,
but you can ask her.

I know you got questions;
You can ask her
I know what she feels for you,
but you can ask her.

This is really not the way;
Go ask her it all herself some day.
I know yes and you can say that and it's true,
but if I tell you all these things
I know there's no fun too.

In fact I think she knows more answers for you than you think;
So go ahead boy, come on give her a wink,
or something like that in a free relaxed way
well I'll tell you she's not like a rainy day.

You are not sure,
You can ask her.
You can ask me,
But you can better ask her.

You wanna know?
You can ask her.
You wanna merry her?
But you can ask her!

Come on!

Come on!
Here's Julian Lennon!
"Everything changes" is the song
which is playing at my computer on and on.
"Everything changes" but you,
You stay cool in everything that you say and do. :-)

Yours sincerely....., Pina.

Don't let me in your life.

Let me in your life,
cause I wanna be your wife.
Athough I know I'm not the one for you,
I can be happy with only being a fan
it's all that is rest for me to do.

So don't let me in your life
coz you don't need me to be your wife.
If that's the truth I don't want too anymore to be your wife
and I'm happy to know,
now I can continue my life.

Thank you!

"Antwoord Julian":

Hierbij mijn antwoord dat ik kreeg van Julian Lennon. In mijn inbox van my space ziet het er wat officiлler uit, maar ik kon het alleen zo kopieeren . zodat jij het ook kunt zien. Komt-ie-:

----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Erwina Hoogendijk alias Pina Jones Date: 25 May 2007, 15:13 Erwina Hoogendijk alias Pina Jones has posted a new Journal comment on MySpace! According to your privacy settings, all comments must be approved by you before they appear on your profile.

Original Post: "Ok, well, it was madness! All the interviews so far, have been Fab! Yet again, have met so many people, that are willing & ready to help take up the cause. Somehow, I ended up at the AMFAR Charity auction & dinner. I've never seen so many Celebs in one room in My Life! A group of us paid a good amount out, to see Kylie (Minogue) sing, inpromptu, so I nervously offered my services as well. I was asked to go and see Sharon Stone, who was Hosting the event & she asked me to close the show/event by singing 'Stand By Me'. I don't think I've ever been so nervous in My Life! Also, had only been drinking water all night! Normally I'd have at least ONE Single Barrel jack & Coke before doing something like that, just to take the edge off, but not this time! Anyway, I got up on stage, knees twitching & managed to pull of a reasonable sounding Heartfelt version of the song. Seemed to go down well, but I was oblivious, as I was just trying to hold it all together. Everyone else seemed to be having a blast singing along & said so afterwards. So I was pleased & it was for a Great cause! Today's another day though! Onwards & Upwards! I have press for most of the day. The Screening is tonight, as well as the Party. Hopefully, I'll be able to let my hair down a little, when all is said & done. Well, I'll touch base again soon. Might need a few quiet days to chill after this, before I head back to the studio, but then again, I can't resist saying Hi! So, speak sson! J x Last but not least, I Believe AmFar raised 7 Million+ last night! Phew!"

Erwina Hoogendijk alias Pina Jones's Comment:
Well. be bop alu ba
Jules is my baby,
my pretty baby
you're the only one
who can give me fun.... :-)"

----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Julian Lennon Date: May 26, 2007 1:46 PM

Dear Erwina, thank you, but I'm not your Baby! J x

Please click the link below to approve or deny this comment.

Dit heb ik weer geantwoord....: RE:

RE: Request to Approve Journal Comment Body:

I can't help it, you're still such a sweet person....;-) "

The girl can't help it, the girl can't help it..." :-)

Plz become a friend at me at my music site too! My band is called Pina Jones BV. The adress is:

Thank you for answering me! I've kept your answer at the saved ones, of course! I was soooo proud of an answer of my idol! ThanKX loads!

Erwina xxx

Blog of Julian, 11 May 2008: 11 mei 2008, 09:00

Worried? Huidige stemming:
Busy! Dear Folks, please stop with the 'I'm worried about you' messages. I do appreciate you caring, but I'm fine, everything is fine! I'm working, which means I can't be writing to you every day &/or answering all your question. I will of course write another lengthy blog soon enough, but work comes first right now. If there was something wrong, you'd be the 1st to know about it, so, until next time, just relax please & let me get on with things. Silence is Golden. Thanks, J

Reaction Pina :

............(Some silence for you....) ;-) Don't worry, I'm not confused...that's just my humour....

Julian, you are so true
so here's some silence for you.
Don't even think about getting farted in this silence (!)
Just kidding, had been drinking wine, no good for me...

When I've been drinking it's not even good for others.
How strong this drink is...

I think I become tipsy when I drink 3 Shandy,
so there's also not much wine needed to get me drunk

so don't be worried that I drank that too much...
it's just the idea for me that when a drink just a little that I can't handle that. But maybe it's just the idea....
I'm too afraid for drugs and drank to let them come into my life.

When I still smoked just shaggies I even didn't dare to inhale (!)

this was the story of me,
cause you didn't want to tell your story instead;
Now I hope that what you wanted you get.
by telling by a fan a little story
at your site, a little memory....

Commend at the My Space of Jules:

Hi there !
love you ev'rywhere.
Even although I'm not your wife,
but I also know: You got
your own life.

So I let you have some rest
Another day you can be my guest,
if you come to Holland for a show.
When will that be? Let me know!

As far as I know
you don't want to worry us for you so.
So you want some rest
and be free of worries?
Leave the things then that hurrys you, and work as the best.

I reacted under the recent uploaded version of "Say You're Wrong" of Jules:

First this vid of Jules:

I got a reaction from an unknown person and it brougt tears in my eyes!

ReserveKanaal Pina Jones 21 dag geleden (bewerkt)

ThanKX to.....
I've been schizofrenic for a long, long time.....
Meer weergeven
Antwoorden verbergen

April Stone 23 uur geleden (bewerkt)

ReserveKanaal Pina Jones 2 beautifully honest. IвЂm glad I came back to this
song, just because I was able to read your comment. Being honest about
mental illness is so important these days. IвЂm a recovering agoraphobic, so
I understand that we can feel alone; like we are the only ones...Know that
tonight IвЂm with you sister! BTW I hope you get response, by seeing that

Pina Jones1 dag geleden

ThanKX! Good times are coming! Also for you!
Good Times:

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